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CMT Movie Night

Creating Connections & Conversations Through Films


Films have the power to break stigmas, barriers & shift our perspectives. They have the power to educate, inspire, connect us and spark meaningful conversations. This is why HNF & All Bodies Community have partnered to bring you some of the most influencial films about disability with Virtual CMT Movie Nights. Every film is free to watch on Zoom and will be followed by an interactive discussion afterwards. We’ll have guests and Q&A as well to provide insight into each topic! 

Friday, 10/23 @7pm EST

‘Take A Look At This Heart”

Cozy up for a fun and interactive evening with CMT friends for our next Movie Night! We’ll be watching a powerful film on the topic of Love & Disability called, ‘Take A Look At This Heart’.  Stay for a heartfelt conversation afterwards with the community and Director/Producer, Ben Duffy! 

Watch the Trailer Below!

Tuesday, 10/27 @8pm EST

‘The Christmas Bow’


Meet Joy Perry & Hallmark Movie Producers

Joy Perry is a CMT patient and Hallmark’s newest star in the film, ‘The Christmas Bow’ debuting 11/8 @9pm EST. Hear why producers, Maclain & Clare advocated to write CMT into the movie script and how Joy went from working as a PT to landing this groundbreaking role! Register to be part of this fun and interactive discussion!