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CMT Education

Developed in collaboration with AANEM.

HNF and the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) are jointly developing and offering a first-ever Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) knowledge assessment test module.

assessment testTest your knowledge on recent advances in CMT:

(1) The ability to diagnose patients with CMT

(2) Applying CMT knowledge in your clinical practice

AANEM CourseView The AANEM Charcot-Marie-Tooth Continuing Education Course for a detailed look at this CMT continuing education course. Download here.

Participants will acquire skills to:

(1) Diagnose CMT based on common symptomology;

(2) Discuss work-up and surgical treatment options for the very young to adults;

(3) Identify potential therapies and bracing that may improve quality of life for those diagnosed and their care-givers.

Our goal is to offer people with hereditary neuropathies a resource where they can find medical specialists with unique expertise and familiarity in caring for people with hereditary neuropathies. The specialists included in our directory will help patients manage their CMT and improve their quality of life across the spectrum of needs they may have–from neurologists to physical therapists to orthotists and much more.

HNF strongly believes CMT patient care and prognosis could be significantly improved if health care practitioners (HCPs) could demonstrate and enhance their proficiency in managing CMT patient care. Offering CMT knowledge testing—and then enabling participating HCPs to document their proficiency levels with CMT patients—can only enhance doctor-patient interactions. It would also greatly help to improve care levels and consistency of care offered across the US.

Since there is no cure for CMT and its variants, symptom management is the current treatment plan for CMT patients. Patients therefore depend on working in partnership with their HCPs to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that can enable them to lead an active life—and this plan is dependent on the HCPs familiarity with CMT.