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There are so many ways to join the cause!  The mission of the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation is about change: changing things right here, right now, and creating change well into the future.  You can be a part of this movement in so many ways.

Be an HNF Supporter


Launch an online fundraising page – Close to 3 million people have CMT or a related inherited neuropathy. Our mission it to fund and seek out treatments that will halt, reverse and ultimately cure CMT. Contact for assistance.


Join the Global Registry for Inherited Neuropathies (GRIN) – by joining and sharing de-identified information on your CMT symptoms, age of onset, type of CMT, level of pain, etc. you are helping the research community gather data and pertinent information that can help us find the treatments needed to help you.


Share our Essential Guide What It’s Like to Live CMT – you can post on Facebook, and other CMT and health related communities to spread the word on CMT, email to friends and family and tweet. By taking a moment, more people will know about CMT. essential guide,cropped


Launch a letter writing campaign – join board member Iris Adler and raise funds for research. Fundraising coordinator Courtney Hollett and Iris will help you through the entire process and earmark funds raised for translational research. Contact for assistance.


Join Team CMT – by joining the team and sporting our Team CMT singlet you can help spread awareness. You can wear it to the gym, physical therapy or if you are an athlete participating in events, you can have a dedicated fundraising page.Buttons-Spinwork




Birthday for a Cause - Do you have a birthday coming up? Every year, on the day you were born, you should throw some sort of party for yourself. We’re calling it your “Birthday for a Cause.” And, instead of asking for presents from family  and friends, you should pick HNF your favorite cause and start a Birthday Fundraiser.


Wedding for a Cause – Are you getting married? Would you like your guests to donate to your favorite charity? We’re calling it your “Wedding for a Cause.” And, instead of asking for presents from family and friends, you should pick HNF your favorite cause and start a Wedding Fundraiser.


Join iGive – by joining iGive and downloading the button to your website or smartphone you can help our mission. Every time you shop through iGive a portion of your purchase pre-tax will be donated to HNF.  igive logo



Mission Fish:  Ebay offers buyers and sellers the option of using Mission Fish which then donates a portion of proceeds to HNF.  mission fish logo

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  • kyle clark says:

    hello my name is kyle clark and i have CMT and i have asked CMT music to sponsor if they do i’ll contact you if you have any questions

    email me @

  • Dawn says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth and I was wondering how I would be able to gain awareness in Maine about the disorder. I am a mom of 3 boys and it wasnt until I was diagnosed when my youngest was born that I even heard about the condition. I would like to have people here in Maine if there not aware of it to become aware. This condition for me is awful and has changed my way of life and if I can help someone else not have to deal with the stuggles alone like I have had to. I also would like to in time organize a walk to raise money for the disorder if someone can lead me into the direction of where I need to be would be amazing

    • carol says:

      Thank you for your comment. We certainly understand your challenges and struggles, and you’re right, awareness is such a big part of what we need to do. One of our premiere awareness efforts is our children’s book series, see We offer free school presentations, and perhaps your sons’ schools would be interested. Contact me,, to talk further about this. Also, our Team CMT,, is a great way to raise awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth while raising money for research.

      This is a very difficult disease, but we truly believe that together, we can make a difference. Looking forward to working with you!

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