On December 1, 2016 Rick started his  RV journey across the United States to spread awareness for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). One would think this is an easy feat but having CMT has its challenges living in a home nevertheless an RV!

Rick has not mapped out a certain plan, but will be guided by his desire to meet new people and follow where the road takes him.

HNF is excited that Rick will be documenting this amazing journey and update the CMT Community weekly about his journey.

Please check back regularly to follow Rick on this adventure!

Learn more about Rick in his Q&A!


With every donation receive a bumper sticker to help speed up awareness!

Rick and Bernadette gear up for Rick's journey!

Rick and Bernadette gear up for Rick’s journey

Day 28: Bradenton, FL

Day 34: The time to move on from Bradenton, FL, is drawing near. It’s been a difficult past week. My sister was hospitalized (not CMT-related) and I’ve experienced several extremely difficult days getting around. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to get a fair amount of...

Day 28: Bradenton, Florida

Day 28: Bradenton, Florida   I'm visiting with my sister and nephew, who both have CMT, and my niece who does not. My sister requires a scooter to get around and help from my nephew while he’s still able to. I try to stay present-minded, but sometimes I cannot help...

Day 10: Little River Campground, Fort Payne, AL

Day 10: Little River Campground, Fort Payne, AL A much needed several day respite in Alabama. I've been traveling almost every day, but for only a few hours each day. I can't tolerate more than that. The cumulative effect of my traveling has been much more than I ever...

Checking in from Chattanooga, TN

It's taken me six days with several hours of travel per day to get to Chattanooga, TN for a visit with friends. My new forearm crutches have been really great. I only had one incident where I fell into a display at Cracker Barrel. My new friend Christian, a hitchhiker...

Wednesday, November 29, 2016

Wednesday, November 29, 2016 One day from start of my maiden RV journey. If the lead up is any indication of how things will go once I leave, it’s sure to be a fantastic journey! There has been an incredible amount of things to do in preparation for my departure:...

Q&A with CMTRV’er Richard Cole

HNF: Tell us about yourself? Favorite hobbies? Rick: I’m a 53 year-old single father to a daughter who recently started college. I was raised in a Jewish family living in Philadelphia, the youngest of three children, and currently live in Chester County,...

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