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HNF is dedicated to increasing awareness of CMT.  We believe that by increasing understanding of what it’s like to live with CMT, we support those of us who meet its daily challenges and those of us who care for loved ones with CMT.  With increased awareness we pave the way for advocacy for increased research funding, for increased access to public accommodations or schools, and for equal employment opportunities for those with CMT.  And we are committed to increasing knowledge and experience relevant to CMT for health care professionals as well.


To this end, we have produced several brief video clips or “webisodes,” all available on our YouTube channel.  Please take a look here at some examples.


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  • Excellent way to introduce people to CMT. Keep in mind, always, that none of us want pity. We just want it to be shown as it is. I’ve lived with CMT for 70 years and just started CMTCAN, a yahoo group for Canadians with CMT, but this isn’t my first journey into it all. From 1984 until 2002, I ran CMT International and worked with thousands of CMT families around the world. We have to keep going to find the reason behind CMT and a cure. I keep thinking no one should have to wait 70 years but our reality is that a cure or treatment won’t be found unless we support medical research. The HNF has the potential to make a real difference with everyone behind it. We, who have CMT, have to be the ones pushing for an answer because, if we don’t, no one else will.

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